you love me , i love you , you dont love me , i still love you ..

Sunday, 11 December 2011

hai hi hai hi :) heyhey :) sorysorysory :) sy mmg suka update status , well before final exam coming so y not i used my time wisely :) actually takde pape pom , just boring tak tau nak buat ape an..btw dis blogg special for you Mr Z ! everybody always hope to become the best for their love one but i'm sorry i can't ! i just can be myself and i love for who you are..i can't be the perfect one to you but i want to be your perfect ones , may i ? for you sure i'm nothing but for me you are everythinggg!! i never tired love and miss you..If you feel tired come and take rest in my heart, if you think that my heart beat is disturbing you, don’t worry I’ll stop my heart beats for you..In my life I learned how? 2 love 2 smile 2 be happy 2 be strong 2 work hard 2 be honest 2 be faithful 2 forgive but I couldn't learn how.. 2 stop Missing You.. :) so hope you can accept as well as i am :)
you  , if we are not destined to each other always remind to yourself that i always be there for you..i sorry if i had hurting you , makes you angry and sad but i can't make myself to stop loving you even when you want it too~ for me , loving someone is the hardest part in my life!!you know y? by loving you , i CAN'T easily forget you for sure! and now i am sure ! i have falling in  LOVE with you =.=..kalau satu hari nanti sy pernah jauhkan diri dari awk , byk kali sakitkan hati awk tu bukan bermakna sy benci awk tau , tu makne sy syg sgt-sgt kat awk smpai sy tak snggup kehilangan awk tapi kalau ade seseorg yg lebih sempurna dan terbaik untuk awk , y dont just sy tarik diri daripada terluka kan ? hmm ..

tapi walau apepon yg terjadik just put on your mind i always
 ::  LOVE  :: youu my Mr Z :)

*jangan marah Nia erk kalau nia ade salah cakap , Nia just nak doakkan kebahagiaan awak bila awk bukan untuk Nia ==' tapi Nia taknak pom awk ngn org lain sbb bile Nia syg awk , sampai bile-bile Nia akan sygkan awk ! ! ingat tuh ~ :(


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